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The ‘Bigger’ picture of #ImNoAngel

Earlier this week Lane Bryant launched their new campaign #ImNoAngel. It spread on social media like a daddy and daughter Frozen duet, while everyone reconnected with their inner foodie dreaming of being a ‘plus size’ topmodel (I know I did).

In the video, Ashley Graham asks us if we want to meet her “girls”. Non-Angels Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine, Victoria Lee, Justine Legault and Elly Mayday tell us why they are all kinds of sexy, wearing lingerie and looking all kinds of sexy. #YASS

Soon disagreement with the campaign #ImNoAngel followed. Claims that it’s promoting obesity and a reversed shaming stunt against the Victoria Secret’s angels. Yes, these models are bigger then VS angels. In fact bigger than the majority of models. With this campaign Lane Bryant is stating the obvious, that these women are no Angels, nor pretending or wanting to be. Simply no angels.

At Victoria Secret’s ‘plus size’ women are no angels. For years they have been sending that message strutting down a sparkly runway hung with pretty wings followed by winks and kisses blown to million of viewers. With the #ImNoAngel campaign Lane Bryant simply rephrases what Victoria Secrets has been telling us for years.

So let’s all see the bigger picture here and recognize that the #ImNoAngel campaign broadens our standard of Sexy. Whether it’s hashtagged #ImAnAngel #WeAreAllAngels, WeAreAllSexy #ImNoUnicornAndSexy, women are SEXY. Think of how boring would it be if we were all sexy unicorns?

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