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Frida Kahlo, a timeless source of inspiration

Last weekend I wanted to enjoy the fact that spring is here and summer is around the corner. While walking trough the city, a couple of kids came up to me with a box filled with selfmade art works which they were selling. What I loved about it is that every kid had their own task: a little boy approached me, the girl helped me pick the art work, another girl collected the money in her little princess bag, while the last team member kept production going on a picknick table by the front door of her house.

They of course told me “Hey you look like mickey mouse!” and suggested I put the flowers I just bought in my hair. The remainder of that day I walked around Amsterdam with crepe paper flowers on my head. I was very aware of the raised eyebrows, but not a bit worried about people taking me seriously: I was in my zone channeling the late and great Frida Kahlo.


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