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It’s Fashion Revolution Day!

It’s fashion revolution day! You didn’t know? Well… now you do. I didn’t know either until this morning (April 24th) when Willa Green posted about it on instagram. I immediately tried to find out more about fashion revolution.
When I did, it caused me to realizethat the time is here to re-asses my closet, which is stuffed.

Last night I tried on two items in the store of an on trend fashion retailer. I enjoyed my girly retail therapy while chatting with a friend on the phone. Both the long sleeved jumpsuit and the lime green sweater, had a great fit, were fashionable and were very affordable. I had lots of ideas how to combine and style them.

As I later explained to the friend, I chose not to buy anything. Not only because it would be another mass produced buy made from some plastic based fabric. But also shopping is no longer fun, when you’ve been made  aware of the circumstances under which most items are made.

For most of us it is hard to ask the question #WhoMadeMyClothes? when you enter these impressively huge multi leveled clothing stores, decorated with campaign pictures of the latest collection, lined up ‘Sale’ racks, stacks of brand magazines scattered around the lounge area, perfect lighting and lots and lots of clothing all in the latest trends, all arranged in a feng shui set up.

Now whenever I will enter most clothing stores I’ll remind myself of the following:  If I buy something here I take part in disposable consumerism and I pay the overhead of these brands to sustain the smoke curtain of a carefree shopping experience in Western society.

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