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You Look Disgusting…

About three months ago MyPaleSkinBlog started posting her acne-prone skin on social media. What happened next is truly disgusting.

I had seen her make up tutorials before, a YouTuber with amazing make-up skills focused on her pale skin. Today I came across her short documentary titled “You Look Disgusting” that re-sparked my interest for this beauty blogger. The short documentary is a reminder that in the social public space people feel comfortable enough to say the most horrid things to one another just because someone does not fit to their standard of beauty which we all are getting force-fed. What troubles me most is the comment that Em is being accused of false advertising. Major companies have been doing this for years, making millions, and we are still buying their products.

I applaud Em for her courage to be vulnerable and introduce us to Em and mypaleskin. A true inspiration that dares to (re)define beauty.

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