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Nothing to wear for MBFWA DAY 2

On my second day of fashion week I rolled out of bed late because, well…. I had gone to bed the night before just as the sun rose and was melting away the little amount of snow that Amsterdam was blessed with. My boyfriend’s place is minutes away from the twice annual fashion pilgrimage of the Netherlands. ‘How convenient’ you might think. It was, if only I had packed enough outfits on Thursday to last my fashion week experience. I thought I would have the time to restock on Saturday. Well you thought wrong Kim! So I’m having the usual ‘I have nothing to wear moment’. We all have this universal girl problem practically every week, but I REALLY had nothing to wear and I mean NOTHING to wear, nor any time to do my hair.

So I’m walking around the house like a wild woman checking every shelf and clean laundry pile. Tried on my boyfriend’s shirts: first tucked in, then with a belt and finally tied up schoolgirl blouse. All very nineties, but not cute.  This girl was wrapping African fabric around that booty and trying to call it ‘fashion’. All while chatting on the phone with my friend, because there’s always time to chat on the phone, while your trying to make fashion magic. Eventually, when the time of departure approached the only option was to go with this skirt, (which is way too big), a croptop and a baseball blouse (menswear). This outfit bared more stomach than I’m ever comfortable showing. I mean, scroll trough my instagram and check out the photo’s of me in bikini. There aren’t any. So, the very first day it actually snows in Amsterdam, I decide to go wild. Thankfully I found that skirt, because those colors with the sunshine made it all  work.

So that’s how this outfit happened and how team Peter Stigter caught me wearing leftovers from the back of the closet. The photo report of MBFWA DAY 2  will be up soon….


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