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Photo report MBFWA DAY 1

As the first Amsterdam fashion week of 2015 approached, my goal was to visit as many shows as my schedule would allow. I’ve been to fashion week before and even walked a few runway shows. I was excited to get introduced to new young designers through Vodafone’s First Fashionlab and was curious to see the latest collections of Aziz Bekkaoui, Bas Kosters and Dorhout Mees. First and foremost I was curious to find out which designers dare to (re)define…

After being captured by team Peter Stigter, the Said Mahrouf fashion show was up first. The flowy light fabrics accentuating the female shape, paired with graphic details made it a cohesive and feminine collection. Looking back I didn’t have any “OMG I need this in my life” moments though. In my opinion it did feel a little safe.
His collection of mainly flowy long dresses and 2 pieces all celebrate the female shape. With the choice of fabric and draping, every garment hugs and forgives at the right places. Said really understands the female body and I think his FW 2015 collection is suitable for a diverse range of body types.  Can you imagine the gorgeousness of different women strutting this collection down the runway? Just click through the gallery and imagine.

By the third look I thought Alla Kuzmyk’s collection looked very familiar. After a little online searching while writing this post, I found out the collection was previously shown. Nevertheless she proves to be a timeless designer. Every look seemed like it was put together with care. The detailed craftsmanship, for example in the embroidery, and the mix of (luxury) fabrics really stood out. I really enjoyed the marriage between classic menswear and her own Ukrainian heritage poured into this collection.

Lisa Konno’s ‘for the workers’ collection was a joy to experience. She proves sustainability is fashionable with a vibrant and colourful collection. The finale which ended with a tableau vivant and a short video showing us what ‘for the workers’ really meant, literally gave me goosebumps. With ‘for the workers’ Lisa  dares to push boundaries and triggers her audience to think about their own wardrobe and under what circumstances it was made.

Aziz Bekkaoui presented a powerful collection. I always am impressed by fashion that resonates beyond my personal aesthetic appeal. His collection, with the opening statement ‘United Hearts Now’ definitely did that. The Palestinian print that led the collection was combined with bold colours like green, blue, pink, burgundy and red. The collection is wearable, yet luxe with fabrics like wool, leather, silk and cashmere. Does Aziz Bekkaoui #DAREtoDefine? Yes! Not only does his collection make a political statement, his models serve it with a too cool for school edge. Furthermore, the models were a great range of strong personalities, colours and sizes. When Aziz walked down the runway with his army of models you just wished you could be a part of the popular in-crowd they portrayed.

Stay tuned for Day 2 at MBFWA…

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