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Photo report MBFWA DAY 2

Schueller de Waal’s show really surprised me: there were a few pieces in there that I need in my life! I previously did not know this young (2014!) design duo. They inspired me with their bold and creative collection.
They made a remarkable choice is not only using models, but also using handpicked muses such as DJ’s Charlotte van den Brekel and Elise Braas (Spacegirl), writer Hanna Bervoets, director of Mediamatic Jans Possel, singer Ntjam Rosie and photographer Alexandra Hunts to rip the runway. The collection was presented in a unique duality: there were two runways where the models presented garments. By look 3 I realized that the models and garments were paired. Before then I was too focused on making pictures of the models walking towards me. What I really liked about this show is that it kept me on my toes. There were many contrasts that excited me. Their choice of fabric, colours, silhouettes and models, all in a contradicting harmony that left me wanting more.

Barbara Langendijk’s Riches from Rags was presented in different way: all nine models showed the collection at once in a serene choreography that allowed the guests to see the garments from different angles and appreciate ‘time’. I noticed that the guests were a little confused at first, and so was I. ‘Riches from Rags’ was inspired by Barara’s visit to Japan. The unique rolling technique in which the garments were constructed was influenced by her fascination with ‘Shimenawa’. This is an object, which consists of rice straws that are rolled into one another, and is used for religious purposes. The eye catching running sand timer, hanging from the ceiling with smoke filling the runway definitely added to the experience. In my opinion, the sand timer represented our current society: Fast paced, with a short attention span and a wardrobe full of ‘fast fashion’.  I think it was a great way to present this collection. I had more time than usual to process the whole collection as the show continued and every garment was given full attention. It made it easier to remember what you had seen. Which is important as somebody will ask you what you thought about the collection 5 minutes after every show at fashion week…

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